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Marital Bliss

Like anything worthwhile, a good marriage requires time and effort. In this section
I will offer pointers, sometimes “assignments” to help you in your journey towards a “Blissful” marriage.

Be Your Husband’s HoHoHo This Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I have such a difficult time shopping for my husband. He really doesn’t need anything and if he does, he either just buys it or asks me to pick it up for him leaving me with no real options for gift giving occasions. Of course, I do end up […]

The Virtuous Wife

A Virtuous Wife I love the below bible passage describing a Virtuous Wife. When I think of the qualities that I want to have as Today’s Total Woman, the description of a Noble woman is so relevant! She is a godly woman who undoubtably submits to her husband because that is God’s specific direction. But, […]

Yes, Lets!

Yes, Lets!  OR Yes, But… Which of the above do you say more often to your husband and children? In the original Total Woman book, Marabel has a section titled “Yes, Lets!” where she discusses how constantly challenging our husband’s thoughts and ideas can create a huge rift in the relationship. She suggests that when you […]

The “S” Word

You’ve heard this, you know this, you feel this… men and woman are different. Men are meant to be masculine and woman are meant to be feminine. Some masculine qualities are – strength, courage, boldness, confidence, independence, integrity, strong work ethic, provider, responsibility, innate desire to protect loved ones, logical, black/white perspective, authoritative Some feminine […]