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My Body is a Temple

Our Bodies Serve as a Dwelling Place For God’s Holy Spirit. We are Not Free to Use and Abuse Our Bodies When We Belong to The Lord. A Healthy Lifestyle is Necessary to Maintain Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. Visit this Page for Health and Fitness Tips Geared Towards Keeping Your “Temple” Strong.

Hey, Keep It Clean

Do you want to look and feel great? Who doesn’t? Good health fueled by proper rest and good nutrition is key when wanting to look and feel great. Clean eating is crucial. The cleaner we eat, the cleaner our insides are. Fill your body with processed, artificially flavored food from a box or bag and your […]

Out of Shape

To be Out of Shape physically means to be in poor physical condition; unfit. In my forties I have noticed that it doesnt take much to get out of shape… Skip a few weeks at the gym, indulge in a few extra desserts and I suddenly find myself out of shape! And, getting back into […]

“Spice” Up Your Life and Get Herbal

Most of what our bodies need for optimal health is readily available in nature. What I mean by “nature”, are foods and remedies in their natural state. Natural state means animal based protein foods raised without antibiotics or hormones and plant based foods grown free from pesticides, etc. When we fool with nature and try to expedite growth or […]

Morning Ritual for Optimal Health

  How we start our mornings and what we put into our bodies can set the tone for the entire day. Having a great day just doesn’t happen, it requires intentional thought and behavior. Revving up our metabolism to burn more calories through out the day, requires good choices. Below are tips to start the […]