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Letter to the Lord

Dear Lord,

I am living in a neutral state of mind. I am neither happy or sad. This is not how I want to live. I want to live joyfully! I need my passion back! So whats stopping me?

Am I the problem? Am I prohibiting myself from true fulfillment by mostly depending on myself rather than You, God? I know You are there. I believe You exist. I rarely doubt. I have a sense of peace that I recognize comes only from You. Yet, I spend most days passively seeking You, knowing you are there in the “background”. It just occurred to me. I take You for granted.

I openly and publicly acknowledge my belief in You and how greatly You have blessed me. But, I’ve stopped acknowledging your presence directly. I am spending more time talking about You than I am talking to You! Shame on me! My actions contradict my desires.

It’s as if my full knowledge and acknowledgment of Your existence and love for me makes me lackadaisical in my daily walk with You. I am comfortable knowing I am Your child. Is that a good thing? I think not. Children need daily guidance and support from their parents; without that they fail to thrive. As Your child, I need Your guidance, I need Your support, I need Your advice found in Your Word. Where has my zeal for Your Word gone? I know when I read Your Word it speaks to me. I find answers. I find truth. By not reading Your Word daily, I deny my spirit food. I am starving my Spirit. This is the problem! God, will you renew my desire? Light the fire in my heart again. Help me feed my weary soul!

Lord, forgive me for putting You last on my list when You deserve to be first. Forgive me for spending so much time on worldly things the last few months rather than being spiritually connected.

Please help me prioritize my life and put You at the center. I know that only then, will I achieve the joy I aspire to have.

Thank you for always being there, even when I ignore you.  I know I can always come back, just as I am committing to do today and You will be waiting with open arms. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With all my heart and soul…

Your daughter,



  1. Lisa

    This is so wonderful transparent and true. So often we skip the beauty of a simple and loving relationship with Him that we forget He is enough. I can relate and it immediately affects our joy. Thanks for the great reminder.

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