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Out of Shape

To be Out of Shape physically means to be in poor physical condition; unfit.

In my forties I have noticed that it doesnt take much to get out of shape… Skip a few weeks at the gym, indulge in a few extra desserts and I suddenly find myself out of shape! And, getting back into shape takes twice as long. Can you relate? The bottom line is that for most of us to stay fit, we need to put forth effort and make sacrifices. For me this means getting my heart rate up each day with quick interval cardio sessions, working out with weights to maintain muscle mass and eating healthy, unprocessed foods. Can I still have treats, such as my fave “Salted Caramel Butter” French Macaroon (yum!) or decadent chocolate? Yes, but one serving NOT four, limited to one or two times a week, certainly not every day!

Have you considered that you can be spiritually Out of Shape too? We become spiritually unfit when don’t make God a priority in our lives. We can “exercise” spiritually by spending time in God’s presence, meditating on his Word (the Bible) and allowing Him to speak to us through those words. Where staying physically fit requires us to move, being spiritually fit requires that we be still and let God do the work.

The good news is that getting back into spiritual shape isnt as difficult as getting back into physical shape. Spend just 20 minutes in God’s word, reading a devotion or praying, and I promise you’ll feel restored in your soul and notice heaviness begin to melt away. I wish I could work out at the gym and see results in 20 minutes!

Exercise spiritually a few times a week or dare I say daily, and it can be life changing! God promises that when we seek Him, we will find Him. When we find Him; He will fill us with His love, light and peace. When this aspect of your life is in order, it’s easier to stay physically fit because you will feel good about yourself. What I am saying is that when you are feeling good spiritually it pours over into other aspects of your life and suddenly, you won’t need that cupcake to fill you. You will have already been fed!

Unlike French macaroons and chocolate, there are no limited servings with God. Go ahead and feed on His word daily and wait for the transformation begin.

So, if you are feeling out of shape today either physically, spiritually or both… just be still and pray.

I am out of shape. I present myself to you as a ball of clay. Shape me into the woman you created me to be. Squeeze me to remove anything negative and then gently hold me as I strive to get back into shape.

In Jesus Name – Amen

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